Residential Window tint in las vegas

Houdini Wraps is your go-to choice for residential window tint in Las Vegas. Get your home tinted and enjoy the benefits today.

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Houdini Wraps And Customs has been helping Las Vegas home owners and renters save on their electricity bills for the last 8 years. We're experts at all things home window tint. Contact us today to get a free quote and learn how we can help transform your home.


When you tint your home windows, the pros outrank the cons. For starters, window tint is great for energy conservation, which during the summer can greatly decrease your electricity bill. You will also get a new sense of safety knowing that unwanted stares are no longer welcomed into your home. This makes it a no brainer for homeowners/renters in the Las Vegas area.

Will window tint  obstruct YOUR view?

No! The high quality window tint we carry here at Houdini Wraps And Customs is designed to allow you to look out but keep people from looking inside. Contact us to learn more about the film we use to tint homes in the Las Vegas Valley.

how long does tinting a home take?

It all depends on size, but for the most part, we finish our window tinting projects in about a day! Although we do install the film on the inside of the house, most of it is non intrusive and we try to avoid getting in your way! That's the Houdini way.

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