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Never worry about the Las Vegas sun again. With our tint packages you can enjoy full interior privacy and protection for your vehicle.
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Pricing for window tint may vary depending on window size, complexity, and film choice. Either way, one of our experts are a click away to help guide you with pricing and availability. Start your window tinting journey today by contacting us for a FREE quote.

Front Windshield Vehicle Window Tint. Ceramic And Carbon Tint. Installed by Houdini Wraps And Customs
Windshield Tint

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Side windows vehicle tint installation. Ceramic and carbon film available. Done by Houdini wraps and Customs Las Vegas
Front Window Tint

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Full vehicle window tinting in Las Vegas. Installed perfectly the first time at Houdini Wraps And Customs
Full Car Window Tint

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At Houdini Wraps Las Vegas, we are more than just great at protecting and restyling cars. We are a team of real people that love what we do. While we carry all of the leading manufacturer certifications and have extensive experience in the industry, our unique style and process is what sets us apart. When you choose us, you choose a passionate team of automotive artists committed to our customers and their vehicles.

Say Goodbye To The Harsh Vegas Sun

At Houdini Wraps And Customs, we offer multiple window tinting packages, from ceramic to carbon. All of which are perfect ways of protecting your vehicle from unwanted looks into and from damaging rays cracking your dash board. We're experts at measuring, cutting, and installing, ensuring that we get the perfect fit the first time.

What percentage of tint should You choose?

It all depends on you! We offer the full spectrum. From 5% to 50%. We always assist our clients in finding the perfect tint percentage for them - we also have in house examples to truly highlight the difference between films so you can make the right choice for your vehicle the first time! Call us today to get started.

carbon Tint Or ceramic tint?

Ceramic window tint & carbon tint are both excellent options, as both will prevent harsh Las Vegas sun glare from entering the cabin of your vehicle. However, ceramic tint takes the throne with its UV ray protection, higher heat rejection, and anti-shattering properties. Regardless, whether its carbon or ceramic, our high quality tint will get the job done!

is window tint legal in vegas?

Window tint is 100% legal in Las Vegas. Before each installation, we inform each customer about the regulations and laws in regard to window tint to help you make the best choice for you and your vehicle.

Window Tint Packages

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Mercedes Benz Full Texture Wrap At Houdini Wraps And Customs Las Vegas Nevada
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