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Houdini Wraps Las Vegas is your trusted choice for all things commercial tint installation. We accurately fit, use the best materials, and proceed with all necessary caution in order to get the job completed.

how long does tinting take?

This will depend on the size if the building and how many windows need to be tinted. Most small locations are done within a day and we'll be out of your customers way ASAP. Bigger projects may require more time. Contact our pros to get a full quote.

what are the benefits of tint?

There is a great amount of benefits for commercial window tinting. For starters, you will keep your energy bills low due to the window films heat blocking ability. You will also gain privacy and keep unwanted stares out. As well as giving your business a new fresh look.

how does pricing work?

Pricing will depending on a couple variables such as window film type, tinting complexity, building levels, etc... For the best quote, give us a call for a free no obligation quote.

Commercial Window Tint Projects

Discover some of the past projects that we've completed here at Houdini Wraps Las Vegas

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