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Here at Houdini Wraps And Customs, we are experts in custom vinyl wraps in the Las Vegas area. Working with thousands of vehicles and over a thousand clients. Contact us today to make your vision come true.
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All our our vinyl wrap packages may vary on wrap material used. To get the best quote, contact us to get started. We hope to make your vision come to life!


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At Houdini Wraps Las Vegas, we are more than just great at protecting and restyling cars. We are a team of real people that love what we do. While we carry all of the leading manufacturer certifications and have extensive experience in the industry, our unique style and process is what sets us apart. When you choose us, you choose a passionate team of automotive artists committed to our customers and their vehicles.

Why get a vinyl wrap?

Vinyl wraps are the best and most cost effective way to give your vehicle your own twist here in Las Vegas. Not only do we offer thousands of colors and materials, but we can also make any image or design into a wrap that can be installed onto your vehicle.

How long does a vinyl car wrap install take?

Vinyl wrap turn around times vary! For simply designs such as racing stripes, it usually will take less than a day. Color change wraps can vary from 5-7 days, and full custom wraps depend on prints and the vehicle they will be going on.

How long can a car vinyl wrap last?

Car wraps last roughly five to seven years, depending on the finish and proper maintenance. Our experts here at Houdini Wraps And Customs will walk you through proper maintenance in order to give the most life out of our vinyl wrap.

How much will a vinyl wrap cost?

It will depend on the vinyl wrap. Most vinyl wraps will run you around $2,300. But factors such as the vehicle type, wrap material used, etc... can cause that price to go up or down. To get the best quote, feel free to contact us today!


Discover some of the past projects that we've completed here at Houdini Wraps Las Vegas

Icon - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
Icon - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates
Mercedes Benz Full Texture Wrap At Houdini Wraps And Customs Las Vegas Nevada
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